By Upfrontmenblog

You can’t help but to see the Penn State sex scandal when you turn on the TV or go onto the Internet. It seems now every time I look at the news there’s some school somewhere that grown men are engaging into sexual misconduct with children. Now I’m looking at this wondering how can a adult do this to a child. if that was your child that was getting hurt by an adult you would be upset. Are doing it because you had it done to you as a child if so, then you should have came forward an told somebody about the incident so you could have gotten some help because by sleeping children is just wrong. It seems everyday there is someone coming out of the closet and telling their story about how some coach or headmaster and even pastors have sexually assaulted them and what I can’t understand is why wait thirty years to tell the story didn’t you have somebody in your life that you could have told.As a parent you have to ask your children about things and you have to let them know that they can tell you anything. We definitely need to be so involved in our young ones life that if anyone who would dare to try to hurt our child would not even try because our presence would be known everywhere they go. They would never have any opportunity to even try ! Are we doing enough as parents? Are we supervising our kids enough as parents? Are we leaving to much room for error?